Traditional Signs & Restoration

Signwriting is the oldest skill associated with signmaking. Although many different skills have been used over the years to produce signs, the work of the traditional signwriter has always been in demand.

Shop, Pub, Fascias

A shop fascia can be hand lettered on site straight onto the existing fascia board once it has been prepared. A new fascia can be made and fitted using marine plywood and painted or stained using either Dulux trade exterior paints with either gloss finish or stain wood finish. These paint are guaranteed for 6 years under most circumstances. The lettering can then be painted using one shoot lettering enamels.

Traditional Hanging Pub Signs & Brackets

These signs date back to 14th century when King Richard II compelled landlords to erect signs on their premises to ensure that ale houses were clearly visible to the borough ale testers. As most of the population were illiterate at this time, pictures on a sign also clearly identified the public houses to the public without the need for written text. This form of signage is still widely used on pubs nowadays and is a traditional way of portraying the pubs name.

We make a whole range of hanging signs, in lots of different materials. The panels can be made in hard wood timber, aluminium, oak framed aluminium composite, flat or moulded PVC panels. The brackets can be made in timber, steel and wrought iron. If you cant find what you are looking for give us a call - we make most signs. Traditional hanging signs can either be refurbished with new panels or frames if existing or a new sign made. Brackets can be refurbished replacing worn fittings, welding new sections on existing steel or wrought iron brackets.